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President's Note
Posted on Aug 9th, 2018

Dear Cascade Village Family:
I don’t have to tell you what a special place Cascade Village is for vigorous summer and winter outdoor sports or relaxation and renewal amid unparalleled beauty.  We are very blessed to own a little piece of Heaven on Earth!  As the new president of the Cascade Village Community Association, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our vision for enhancing the Cascade Village Experience and the value of your investment in our community.  Yes, even Cascade Village can get better!
“Reliability” and “enhancement” are the two words that describe improvements to services at Cascade Village that are already in the works.  It is our expectation that before the weather turns inhospitable to outdoor construction, Cascade Village will have internet and telephone services provided by Brainstorm using fiber optic cable.  Each subscriber should receive one gigabyte of internet service once this system is completed.  The days of no or very slow internet service and telephone service will be put behind us.  Additionally, a new water well is in the process of being brought on line by Grizzly Peak.  With the successful drilling of this new well, Cascade Village should again enjoy safe and reliable water service.
The Reserve Study which provides for the replacement and repair of the facilities at Cascade Village has been updated and a Capital Account has been instituted for those maintenance and repairs not covered by the Reserve Study.  Charlie Tyack and his talented team have worked wonders in repairing and upgrading Cascade Village facilities.  From new balconies to painting of condominium units to replacement of worn out equipment, Cascade is in the beginning stages of being brought up to date by these enhancements and made more reliable for the enjoyment of our owners and their guests.  We are not finished!
Looking forward to 2019, the Cascade Village Community Association Board of Directors will study bringing back a restaurant worthy of serving Cascade Village, enhancing the ski shop services and products, and potential additional commercial offerings that will make Cascade Village an even more convenient and enjoyable place to own and visit.  The board is continuing in its efforts to revise and enhance the wedding event services to make them less intrusive to those not involved in that event, to make the event more lucrative to Cascade Village and a wonderful experience for the parties involved in the event.  The more income that can be generated by these events and additional commercial ventures that are being studied will mean that the continuing services provided here at Cascade Village will become less financially burdensome to the owner and add value to your investment at Cascade Village.
We have not forgotten and still hold as our number one priority the comfort, safety, convenience and enjoyment of the members of Cascade Village Community Association.  That is why we covet your comments and suggestions concerning anything that you believe is important to be addressed by our staff and board.  We want to hear from you!  Finally, I cannot adequately express to you how much it is appreciated to have received your comments of support for our staff and board during these past few months.  Knowing that we serve such an excellent and appreciative group of people, motivates us to work harder for you.  Thank you!
Greg Erwin
President, Cascade Village Community Association
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