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Architectural – The Chair will form a committee consisting of at least two (2) additional members.  These members may be directors or homeowners as governed by the Association documents.  Members of the committee have the responsibility of reviewing all homeowner requests for material changes that are controlled by the governing documents.   Additional responsibilities include developing plans to update common area items such as lighting, signage, building colors, etc.  The Committee will work closely with the Facility and Association Manager to approve recommendations.  The Chair will then present these recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

                Chairperson:    Member: Richard Champany

Budget - The Budget Committee, which is chaired by the Treasurer, is responsible for preparing the annual budget and managing the overall budget versus actual expenditures.   In the case of larger scale, non-reserved maintenance projects, develop a prioritized list to optimize budget dollars and staffing.   

                Chairperson:  Rick Perkins  Member:  Rock Funston, Rick Perkins, Charlie Tyack, Vicki Alper
Capital - The Capital Committee, using the 2015 CVCA Reserve study as their baseline input is responsible for developing the annual project list, projected cost and timetables.  For each project, the committee is responsible for developing the project scope and specifications needed to fulfill HOA Objectives.  For some specialized projects, the committee may need to, with board approval, utilize a consultant for scoping and specification.   The committee, working with the Association/Property Manager will oversee the receipt of bids.  The committee will review bids and make recommendations for board approval.  The Chair will coordinate planning with the Property Manager and Treasurer and present findings and recommendations to the Board.

                Chairperson: Greg Erwin   Members:  Robert Oppenheimer, Rock Funston, Charlie Tyack

Communications - The committee is responsible for working with the Property Manager in communicating Association news with homeowners.  Responsibilities include assisting with publication of the quarterly newsletter, sending email blasts to owners, coordinating the Employee Christmas Fund, keeping the Facebook and website content current and organizing a schedule for the Annual Owners Meeting.

                Chairperson: Robert Oppenheimer  Member:  Greg Erwin, Vicki Alper
Legal Liaison -  The Legal Liaison is responsible for communicating with the HOA attorney and Property Manager concerning litigation, governing documents revisions, insurance claims and policy revisions suggested by the HOA attorney.  Reports will be sent to the Board, as needed.
                Chairperson: Rick Champany  Member:  Greg Erwin
Marketing - Cascade Village has updated the Benchmark Building and it offers enormous opportunities for increased revenue to the CVCA.  The Marketing Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities and executing plans for Weddings/Reunions/ Business meetings and other events in the Benchmark Building.
                 Chairperson: Charlie Tyack    Member:  Rick Champany, Denise Whiting, Vicki Alper
Rules - The Committee is responsible for reviewing the Association governing documents and assisting in the development of rules, regulations and policies as needed.  When a need is determined by review or by an event, it will be presented to the Property Manager for discussion and development.  The suggested rule, regulation or policy will then be presented to the Board for discussion, changes and/or action. Our most recent set of rules and regulations became effective 4/11/15 and supersede any rules and regulations previously adopted by the Association.  This committee has been combined with Legal.

               Co-Chairs: Greg Erwin    Rick Champany

Sub-association – The Sub Association Liaison is responsible for keeping lines of communication open between the Board, Property Manager and owners of the designated sub-associations.  Responsibilities include developing internal lines of communication within each sub-association, coordinating the creation of sub-association governing documents, and assisting in the development of a financial arrangement between the Association and each sub-association.  Current sub-associations include Cascade Creek and Twilight Meadows.  

                Chairperson: Larry Bachus
Emergency/Disaster Planning and liaison - This committee is to provide detailed information for emergencies and disaster planning within the Community and surrounding area.
                Chairperson:  Robert Oppenheimer   Member:  Charlie Tyack
Roofing Replacement Alternatives - This committee is evaluating options for future roof replacement
          Chairperson:  Charlie Tyack   Member: Robert Oppenheimer, Rick Perkins, Greg Erwin,